Raspberry Pi WSPR Bucket Beacon

It was a snowy lousy day here which was a good excuse to stay in and play with the Pi I had kicking around. I used the software and instructions from the package located here . Whipped together a lowpass filter that could be plugged in easily for the 20m band. Powered the package with the battery from my old IC-02AT and a LM2577 based module to get the voltage right for the Pi.

Here’s all that junk together before it went in the bucket.


The guts of the bucket beacon

This was all tossed in an kitty litter bucket to keep the snow out and taken out in the backyard. A quick and dirty 20m dipole was strung up between a couple of trees a few feet off the ground. In the picture you can just make out the bit of red signal wire strung to the the 1:1 balun that the bucket ties into.


I really wasn’t expecting much from this 2 hour cobble, but the result was actually quite decent. From my QTH in Waterloo I reached out to as far as Edmonton, Dallas, and the west shore of Florida.


A pretty neat little project for a Friday afternoon.


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