Sensory Board the Prequel

This is a board I made up for the kids in my wife’s daycare. It features alot of the stuff kids are typically being told not to play with like light switches, buttons, knobs, wheels, and those spring door stoppers that even I like to play with every now and then. In fact, if the whole board was spring stoppers I think the kids would have been just as happy. The switches turn on a few high intensity LEDs that are mounted behind a set of trailer reflectors. Button 1 turns on a small PC fan mounted behind some hardware cloth. Button 2 turns on an electro magnet in the center of the board which picks up the piece of chain dangling in front, although that part isn’t as easy to use as I hoped it would be. The black holes on the left top and bottom of the board are openings to a piece of 3″ ABS pipe that’s big enough for a tennis ball to roll through. The little wooden knob is pressed onto the shaft of a stepper motor which is connected to another LED under the third reflector. There’s no external power there, the stepper just works as enough of a generator that when it’s spun it lights up.



It’s a little more rough ‘n ready than the more recent one I made, but it does the job. The kids seem to love it.


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2 responses to “Sensory Board the Prequel”

  1. Jen says :

    This is amazing! My girls would go crazy over this….maybe they’d stop trying the real ones around the house.

    • rhasbury says :

      You should put one together! They’re pretty simple and the local thrift shops often have bins of surplus hardware bits for a few bucks that you can populate it with. I went to the re-store here in Waterloo and when I mentioned it was for the daycare kids my bill seemed to magically drop by half. 🙂 You can probably drop the electrical bits too, even if you just have switches that don’t do anything it still seems to make the kids happy.

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